Dosti: A TALE OF TRUE friendship

No Hindi film embodies the deep bond of two best friends than Satyen Bose‘s 1964 tear-jerker ‘Dosti‘. A story of two boys, one blind and another crippled. We all know that our cinema is all about love. And yet films that deal with love, as universal as friendship, are hard to come by. Even then, the norm happens to be the friendship of three college going friends, owing to Dil Chahta Hai‘s cult status. In such a scenario, Dosti was and remains an outstanding achievement.img-1-big.jpg
It is that rare Hindi film that tells the story of two best friends in their school going years. Dosti does away with many Hindi film common elements. Like – a comedian, a true-blue villain and, shock of shocks, even a full-fledged heroine! Adding to all this, Dosti also sets the trend for films with protagonists having physical disabilities. Protagonists who weren’t by conventional standards ‘Hero’ or of ‘heroic’ material. But as it happens in real life, a hero is not someone who doesn’t have defects. A hero is someone who rises above those defects, to emerge victorious in the battle of life. Dosti too emerges as a heroic film in the true sense.
For all its new, trendsetting endeavors, Dosti like its lead characters, has its share of flaws. At times it’s very sentimental and melodramatic. But yet to its credit, its sentimentality is not tough to swallow. Because it’s all done with genuineness and in a very heartfelt manner. It works all the more because Bose extracts outstanding performances from Sushil Kumar and Sudhir Kumar. They both will remind you of your and your school best friend times together, such is their chemistry.img-2-big.jpg
Here I won’t go into the mystery surrounding the short careers of its two awesome leads. The internet is full of both gossip and facts on this. Nor I will go onto its unsung director Satyen Bose, who could make you weep. Both in sorrow (as here in Dosti) or in ebullience ( as evident in Chalti ka Naam Gaadi). All I want to say is, if you ever had a best friend in school and loved him/her from your heart, then do watch Dosti. Like you have forgotten much of what you studied in school, you will forget the details of this movie too with time. But the memories of it will forever remain enshrined in your heart as an immortal ode to friendship ( Emotionless Robots are ruled out from this experience, though I am pretty convinced that if nothing else, Rafi Saab‘s singing in this film can even put life into stones.). Keep a hanky ready, for Dosti is more an emotion, than a film, and one should watch as such only.
  • Rajshri Productions first super-duper hit.
  • Winner of six Filmfare Awards including Best Picture, and one National Award.
  • Got recognition at Moscow Film Festival, 1964.
  • Showman Subhash Ghai rated it as one of the 10 greatest Hindi films ever made.
  • Dosti‘s soundtrack launched the incomparable duo of Laxmikant-Pyarelal into heights of musical super stardom, which few composers have been able to achieve. Dosti‘ s soundtrack is an everlasting ode to both their musical brilliance and real life friendship.

  • Raunak Joy

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