25 Weeks, 25 Stories

A film, all the greats will tell you, is nothing but storytelling. The best of the directors are like William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens of cinema. That means they are master storytellers. But let alone a master storyteller, even a maestro of storytelling will fail to make much of an impact if the basic story is itself weak.
A good story line ensures that half the battle is already won. The best in the business understand this. Be it Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolan. One will always find that their works have powerful stories to tell.
So, as a tribute to the art of storytelling, and as cinema fanatics we will write about the 25 stories for next 25 weeks. 25 stories that have unfolded on the Indian screen. Stories which have touched us the most. 25 stories, we believe, you can watch to feel what a good story can do. And how some stories don’t remain mere stories but transcend into something far bigger than cinema, called – Life.

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