SATYAKAM AND NEWTON – Idealism on the face of reality

Newton mirrored Satyapriya in their shared staunch belief of their sense of duty and an infallible morality. But our reflections are also not same as us. They represent the same side of the same coin yet are different from each other.


25 Weeks, 25 Stories | Week 6: Manam

We take our relationships on their face value and do not appreciate its worth. Then it is too late to do anything and it is gone forever.  Manam (Us) attempts to appreciate this very importance of human relationships and their love amidst them.

25 Weeks, 25 Stories | Week 1: Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

Week 1: Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa Everything is fair in love and war. A motto Sunil completely relies on when it comes to winning his love. Sunil does not hesitate to speak ill of Anna to win her. Nor does he shy away from procuring a fake report card to cover his failure in the exam. In short, Sunil is a little cockamamie devil. But still, we love him.

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